John Burgos works with mentees worldwide, to deliver growth, expansion, and personal evolution that is experientially and intuitively led.
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Reaching your highest potential shouldn’t be a solo journey. With expert resources and guidance, John Burgos works with mentees to deliver growth, expansion, and personal evolution that is experientially and intuitively led. With the purpose of helping you rise to your ultimate flow state, you will be guided to rapidly and successfully remove obstacles, stuck energy, and redundant programming that is sabotaging your momentum. In your co-creative partnership with John Burgos, you will not only prime your foundations with renewed, fertile ground, you’ll also build the emotional, physical, and creative structures that will free you forever.

  • 3 month container
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Your success in your entrepreneurial journey is measured beyond the numbers on your balance sheet.

While profit is vital, it is also interconnected and directly correlated to passion and purpose. Achieving a balance in this matrix is a delicate task that requires third-party insight and guidance.

There is an immeasurable confidence that arises when you know that you are living your life guided by your higher calling. Your integrity becomes unshakable, your knowing absolute, your love undeniable.

  • In this mentorship stream, you will work with JOHN BURGOS to amplify your gifts and multi-dimensional intelligence to activate a brand new level of passion and purpose and alchemize success as you come into greater alignment with your higher calling
  • You will learn how to harness a new octave of the integrity of the core harmonic of your offering so that you can easily come back to a state of vibrational accord and create clear decision and action-taking ability that stimulates opportunities to generate financial and creative abundance
  • You will be expertly guided with a harmonic structure that embodies the different alchemical stages you’ll encounter in every phase of your launch, from ideation to actualization and beyond
  • You’ll learn how to harness your energy through new skillsets that merge emotional intelligence, critical thinking, somatic intelligence, and intuitive mastery making this one of the most valuable components towards building in any sector of your life and mastering the art of higher consciousness decision making and implementation
  • Take the energy of fear, sabotage, and self-limiting beliefs and harness their energy for your optimized benefit instead of an energy of depletion and scarcity. This goes beyond linear thinking and into embodying this wisdom as a core component of who you are.


This mentorship is for those who are ready to walk the edge of a new awareness. To amplify their heart’s intelligence and take back the reins to masterfully create their life by their own design.

There is a gap between spiritual and personal development that must be bridged for our consciousness to evolve to its fullest potential.

We yearn for deep love, success, and intimacy, and attaining these has become our goal. Truly actualizing these requires the fusing of a forgotten art with new ‘technologies’ whose alchemical combination is vital to achieving a calibrated state of aligned empowerment to create a pure wave of momentum for your personal evolution in its highest form.

This mentorship goes beyond what you are attracting and into how you consciously create from an expanded state of embodied flow.

Here, we set the stage for a powerful whole life makeover.

  • Remove outdated and generationally inherited programming as well as repeated patterns that leave you in emotional and energetic stagnancy which lead to burnout and deplete your action taking abilities
  • Eliminate negative habits that keep your body and mind at war with your expanding consciousness
  • Build new trust mechanisms based on your unique internal compass that will allow you to discern and find opportunities that are in your highest alignment
  • Discover how to harness the essence of your optimized state of being through esoteric guidance, shamanic practices, and somatic technologies created and led by JOHN BURGOS
  • Tap into a deeper expression of awaking sensuality to ignite creativity action taking
  • Open the doorway to intimacy in a way that you may have never experienced before. This goes beyond (and certainly doesn’t exclude!) sexual intimacy, to build a solid foundation based on your somatic and spiritual merging while being powerfully balanced with your critical thinking and ‘knowing’.

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