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John, the space you offer and hold for so many operates as a portal for us all to step into a greater experience of the truth of who we are. I can’t imagine in my daily life not being aware of you and what you offer.


I am grateful for John Burgos' skillful and loving presence, John carries a level of presence I would like to embody for myself. I am impressed with the masterful and magical way John draws the best in everyone.

Thank you John for being one of my greatest guides and inspiration and so much more. I feel you as an embodied master and am humbled to work with you!


John Burgos is my go to for all things spiritual and awakening.


John you have changed my life with your mentorship and platform. Your state of the art leadership is truly next level! Your integrity is awe inspiring.


I was in a space where I could not hear or feel anymore.
John gave me more insight in one day than I have been given in my entire life.


I am feeling massive changes. The levels of compassion and the knowing John possesses are at astonishing levels! It is evident that John has turned his human experience into a full-on spiritual embodiment.


I just want to say wow! The guidance provided by John, his words and his presence in his sharing are incredible and profound.



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Human Mastery
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In through the ears and straight to the heart

John Burgos brings to audiences a soothing gallery of masterfully recorded audios that go beyond self-help. Addressing topics which affect our flow and our capacity to lead truly happy and fulfilling lives, these pocket guides offer immediate support from the very first listen.

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Alchemical Meditation
For New Reality Creation

What if one part of us is already into the future and we are creating it right now? In this COMPLIMENTARY GUIDED MEDITATION, John Burgos intimately takes you through breathwork and real, practical awareness, that empowers your day and primes you to create without resistance or mental barriers so you can reach your highest potential.

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