Alchemical Meditation
For New Reality Creation

Your future may feel unknown, but in fact, you are creating it right now.
Skepticism, fear, or disdain about your next chapter will only dilute your journey.
What if one part of us is already into the future and we are creating it right now?
In this COMPLIMENTARY GUIDED MEDITATION, John Burgos intimately takes you through breathwork and real, practical awareness, that empowers your day and primes you to create without resistance or mental barriers.

Designed to be replayed, you will:

  • Learn to tap into your future now and be gently guided into that.
  • Find out how to bring your future self into the present moment as a guidepost to what’s available to you.
  • Experience the micro-adaptations that will help you reach your highest potential on a daily basis.

IDEAL for days when you feel energetically depleted
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