Alchemical Meditation
For New Reality Creation

I chose this particular meditation because it sets the benchmark for you to establish a solid foundation to create the future you have been dreaming of now!

Gently yet effectively guiding you into the integrity of your soul’s architecture, this Alchemical process will serve you greatly in all areas of your life.

When you discover the Universal notes for creation, and how to orchestrate the symphony of your life in vibrational accord with the tones that you are uniquely playing, you become the conductor who masterfully pieces the dream into a living reality.

This is a powerful process, created to bring you into a state of presence and invite a new level of self intimacy and devotion. From this newly acquired awareness and state of being, your capacity to create a new reality from an up-leveled state of consciousness becomes a powerful tool for manifestation that is passion and purpose-driven. And after all, isn’t that the freedom and abundance that you are truly seeking in every area of your life?!

My wish is that you take some much deserved ‘you’ time, dive in, and enjoy this ride!

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