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The beyond the ordinary show, founded and hosted by John Burgos, offers free live interactive webinar broadcasts featuring the world’s leading transformative thought leaders, energy healers and spiritual masters.

Established as a platform to speak honestly about topics, feelings, and thoughts that are hard to find in mass media, the Beyond The Ordinary Show quickly grew into an interactive community for those seeking ancient wisdom, the next generation of mystical teachings, spiritual awakening and soulful guidance, with pragmatic and coherent delivery.

Each broadcast features John’s interviews with a curated A-list of today’s most relevant, cutting-edge experts and awakened luminaries, who unpack consciousness and generously offer physical, mental and spiritual clarity and direction for the sole purpose of human mastery!

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Leave it John to hold space for a conversation I thought would take years to start to surface. I’m thrilled to see the impeccable self awarenesses and discernment being shared here. - Allana
Uplifting and inspiring; powerful and inviting. It has lit a fire in me. - Alyssa
I prefer John’s presence over Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, and many other trailblazers. I love John’s humor, his truth, his insights and I LOVE his love. I can feel it resonating on every show. - Shelli Burns
John's webinars are so powerful! Filled with authenticity, passion, vulnerability and wisdom that can only come from someone so connected to the divine. I am blown away after each call! - Michael
Thank you for facilitating what I can only express as being Paradigm Shifting! - Zale
It is amazing to experience and humbling to be part of it. Thank you. The show is comforting and profound and definitely beyond the ordinary but above all, it feels like family. - Jenn