Welcome to the JOHN BURGOS Premium Membership;
the next best thing to working with John privately for a fraction of the investment.
Welcome to a refined platform and evolutionary portal created entirely for you and others like you who are seeking to elevate what’s possible in your life right now!
Created to have you go deeper… deeper into self realization..deeper into your connection to spirit, as you merge the metaphysical with the physical; evoking the new paradigm of you.
You’ll explore mutil-dimensional realms that will ignite your remembrance.  You will unbind limitations to take you further into intimate relationship with your expanding consciousnessfrom which you will embody the power of your evolving intelligence. This is where you’ll create beyond the constructs of outdated beliefs and unlock your action taking abilities, your creative force and the power of your love.
You will turn confusion into clarity, anxiety into ease, loneliness into sovereignty, frustration into compassion, and fear into love.

Initiation Level

  • Access to all recorded video and audio calls
  • Participate in one live call every month
  • Special promotional offers with aligned spiritual partners
  • 2nd RSVP status waiting list for private sessions ad retreats
  • Facebook community access
$39per month

The Mastery Level

  • Initiation level access


  • Participate on all live calls (up to 4 per month)
  • Priority Q&A to ask your personal questions
  • Access to all recorded video and audio calls
  • Priority RSVP for Mentorship and retreats
$69per month
John is devoted to bring you back to your soul’s wisdom.
To bridging the gap between the mind and the heart.
To bringing light to information kept in the dark illuminating the intelligence of the relationship between personal development and spiritual awakening.