your spiritual pulse

Welcome to the edge of a new awareness. To a community with others who perhaps just like you, know that there is more to life than what we have been taught is possible.

Expect to be met. To be provoked. To be seen.

Reminded of who you are and the beautiful life you truly deserve to live.

Expect to walk on the edge of consciousness. With compassion and determination. With the intelligence of your heart activated and leading the way.

When you activate your spiritual pulse;
  • You set a new standard for living.
  • A new standard for consciousness.
  • A new standard for who you choose to be in the world and how the world responds back to you!

Everything on this platform is here to is bring you back to your heart’s intelligence, to activate the confidence of your ‘knowing’, to unleash the power of your Love. For the sake of self-love. Because you know that Love is the solution, period.

I don’t offer a one size fits all blueprint, nor will I promise you a quick fix. I offer my story (many of which still blow my mind), my personal processes, and what I have learned along the way, which completely changed my life.

I’ll share how I turned my confusion into clarity, anxiety into ease, loneliness into sovereignty, hardships into success, frustration into compassion, and fear into love.

It is an honor to have you here with us.

Love, John