The Intimacy Portal

Do you long for greater intimacy and connection in your life? Do you want to discover how to go deeper into it in the most empowered manner?

There is an opportunity for you to access levels of intimacy that will initiate the awareness that to do so in human form is a gift that we can’t take with us when we cross over from this realm.

This being human, as vulnerable and chaotic as it is, this sensual experience of grabbing another and kissing them and hugging them, in making love to them, in sharing experiences, in the laughter and in the crying and all the emotions that we stimulate with one another; oh, that is the gift of being human! But true intimacy is reflected through the other, not sourced from the other. And that is where the big gap has been and that’s the gap that I seek to fill here with you on this emotional and empowering pocket guide.

This transmission includes one of the most profound and simple techniques that I received during an esoteric experience that I was led on as my guides channeled provided a framework during a lucid dream, that has served to not only shift my life but that has exponentially impacted my private clients for years.

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